Solar Roof Tops Systems

On Grid Solar System

Electricity produced from the roof-top panels in DC will be converted into AC by the inverter and given back to the KSEB grid through net metering systems. The units of electricity supplied to the KSEB from the solar systems will be calculated and paid back to the consumer by KSEB.

Off Grid Solar System

Solar panels convert the sunlight in to electricity and can be utilized through the inverter and battery bank setup. Whenever the production is in excess than the consumption, the battery will store it and can automatically used for consumption when the production is less from the panels. This helps to maintain sustainable power continuously till the battery backup is exhausted.

Solar Street Lights

Solar Street lights are independent units that are not connected to the power grid and utilize the power stored from the inbuilt battery. This fully integrated system combines the advanced and innovative technologies for convenient and hassle free lighting system.

Fully assembled factory tested kits are available with or without mounting poles.

The Solar LED Street Light System converts the sun’s energy into electricity and stores it to provide illumination from dusk to dawn. The system includes the power generator (panel/s), storage (battery) and management (controller) as well as the LED light, pole and weather-proof housing. Luminaries utilize High Power LED’s with superior thermal management designs which are switched on by a timer switch built into the system.

Solar Water Heating Systems

Solar water heater systems are one of the most cost effective and safe methods of water heating systems for domestic use.. Solar Water Heaters are manufactured with stringent quality control system and very easy to install. These solar water heaters comprises of an absorber, A storage tank, insulation, piping, and a transparent cover. In this process of heating, the solar energy heats the absorber surface of the heater and a heat-transfer fluid (indirect) or water (direct) flowing through the tubes that are attached to the absorber.

Solar Water Pump VFD Drive

Solar Water Pumps are devices made to pump water using the energy of the sun. For rural locations that are not part of the local electricity grid, Solar pumps offer a clean and simple alternative to fuel-burning generators and windmills. They require no fuel deliveries and very little maintenance.